For sustainable and affordable energy generation.



DURID places great importance on renewable energies, which is why we have incorporated photovoltaic systems into our range of services. Whether small or large, tilted or flat, for a private house or a commercial hall – we have the suitable PV system for you as well.

From optimal dimensioning, simulation, economic feasibility calculations to registration with the energy supply company, you will receive a turnkey PV system from us.


  • Planning, expansion/modification, and installation of PV systems. Basic electrical installation
  • High-quality products
  • All from one source! We take care of the entire installation and hand it over ready for operation
  • Modular cleaning system

advantages for you

  • We take the time to advise you professionally.
  • We take care of the energy efficiency and safety of your house.
  • Quick implementation of customer requirements.


Innovation made in Germany: sunsoric

By using sensors to monitor the degree of contamination of your photovoltaic system, optimized, data-based maintenance and cleaning are ensured. Instead of relying on fixed cleaning intervals, these sensors enable demand-based cleaning, helping to minimize cleaning costs and optimize the performance of your system. Additionally, the collected data allows for the analysis and prediction of contamination trends, leading to less downtime and improved performance. This ensures that you get the most out of your solar energy investment and achieve a higher return.

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