Plant engineering

Customized solutions in the areas of ink supply, sealing, steaming and bonding.

Material and media supply

In plant engineering, we assemble material supply systems for paints and highly viscous liquids. Our competences are adapted complete solutions – from the supply container to the application of the media, which corresponds to the respective requirement of the material suppliers.

By using the latest technologies, we guarantee energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements. Our scope of services includes the supply of new plants as well as conversion and retrofit of existing plants.


  • Material supply plants for coatings and thick materials (PVC, sprayable damping, adhesives)
  • Technical consulting for plant design
  • Media supply (water and compressed air)
  • Installation of equipment (piping, pumps, filters) 
  • DVD plants (roof reinforcement & damping of car bodies)
  • Supply of new plants, as well as conversion and retrofit of existing plants

advantages for you

  • Customized complete solutions from the delivery container to the application
  • Energy efficiency and reduced maintenance
  • Certified specialist company according to WHG

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